Brighten Up With Flowers

I spend a lot of time in my garden. It always takes some work, but the rewards are worth it. In the Springtime, there are new buds on the trees and an abundance of greenery. If everything goes to plan, the grass is doing well after a long winter of brown patches, and the fragrances are unique.

If I’m lucky, there are enough new flowers to cut a few of the buds and bring them into the house and my patio for show. Before spring, and when I’ve already done the bulk of my pruning, I like to have flowers delivered next day so there are new colors inside to brighten up each room.

Colorful arrangements bring a warm glow to the house and always leave me smiling. I’ve got plenty of holiday touches that I bring from my storage room to show the seasons’ passing, but having the extra flowers is lovely.

The splash of colors and the upbeat smell of flowers are always welcome. Although I do love decorating, there’s nothing wrong with a casual bouquet of your favorite flowers. Keep in mind that if you are trying to set-off a holiday theme, you may want to go a bit fancier, but overall, the arrangement itself and the vase you put them in will make or break your theme.

The Color is the Key

Your flower arrangement can be simple, and so can the vessel you use, but the key to harmonizing your display and theme is how the colors burst from the table or shelf. Flowers are natural, but making them pop on display takes a little effort and energy.

This is your chance to be creative, so think of new and exciting ways to show off your beautiful arrangement. How about a carved pumpkin at harvest time? You’ll get the pungent smell of the gourd as well as the fragrance of the flowers.

Any old bucket or water pail makes a perfect vase if you are going for a rustic theme. In my mind, even an arrangement of grasses and daisies look extra special in a grey pail. If it’s not quite what you had in mind, add a ribbon around the container for a contrasting color.

You’ll probably find that mixing colors and flowers can give any room in the house that special flair you were looking for. And, you’ll also note that with aromatic, beautiful flowers, you almost can’t go wrong.

When you bring your flowers in from the garden, make sure you get them into the water quickly, they are in shock and won’t last more than a few minutes in the outdoor heat before wilting. If you are taking advantage of an overnight flower delivery order, they have been well prepared for delivery and may last longer than those you’ve cut yourself.

However, even with delivery arrangements, take gentle care of them and do two things as soon as they arrive. First, imagine just how you want them to look in the vase or your chosen vessel, and even if they come in water, change it for clean tap water.

Next, clip the bottom of each flower stem so it can continue to draw moisture up to the petals. Then, add the nutrient packet supplied (it’s often rubber-banded to a branch) or a tablespoon of sugar and half that much vinegar to preserve your beautiful display as long as possible.

Another tip for keeping your flowers looking fabulous and lasting longer is to keep them off window sills where the rays of the sun can get concentrated through the glass!


Author: Clair Beaulieu

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