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Arizona Aesthetics Licensing Exams

Hate tests? Well, me too. It’s so intimidating and scary. I’ve always had a bit of test anxiety, so taking a test to get licensed for anything you love sounds tough! Still, the keyword there is “love,” so again, if you really want to… Continue Reading “Arizona Aesthetics Licensing Exams”

Brighten Up With Flowers

I spend a lot of time in my garden. It always takes some work, but the rewards are worth it. In the Springtime, there are new buds on the trees and an abundance of greenery. If everything goes to plan, the grass is doing… Continue Reading “Brighten Up With Flowers”

Five Top Reasons to Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep helps us all maintain our sanity and beauty

A little sugaring

My experience with sugaring as a spa treatment.

Starting Fresh

At Arizona Beauty World we want to bring readers everything under the sun, but we are starting with beauty Industry news, trends, and information you might like to have about schools that teach cosmetology and aesthetics. We’ll also be talking about home beauty ideas… Continue Reading “Starting Fresh”