Dictionary for Aesthetics and cosmetology

Our online dictionary of Aesthetics and Cosmetology brings the Beauty World into focus with a general and then a more common definition of words you’ve heard but might not know yet. Each comes with a link to a detailed article on the subject.

Aesthetics: Aesthetics, also spelledĀ esthetics, is the study of beauty and taste from a philosophical standpoint. It can be related to the philosophy of art, where cultural and internal desires and tastes have a meaningful impact on what is considered good or bad, beautiful or ugly. In the Beauty World, Aesthetics or Medical Aesthetics encompass most aspects of cosmetology, or the training discipline that leads to certification to practice improvement or beautification of the skin.

Cosmetology: Cosmetology is the art or practice of applying cosmetics through expert beauty treatment that centers on hair care, nail treatment and skin care. In the Beauty World, Cosmetology is a profession learned at an accredited school and practiced after passing local licensing regulations.

Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash Extensions are applied directly to existing eyelashes. They are not like fake eyelashes that are pasted on as a group. Eyelash extensions are individual eyelashes that grow-out wit the existing lash. In the Beauty World, a person practicing Eyelash Extensions may or may not need a license in cosmetology.

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