Arizona Aesthetics Licensing Exams

Hate tests? Well, me too. It’s so intimidating and scary. I’ve always had a bit of test anxiety, so taking a test to get licensed for anything you love sounds tough! Still, the keyword there is “love,” so again, if you really want to do well, you will.

Be Prepared for Your Test

Don’t forget the most important parts of being prepared beyond the hundreds of hours you’ve spent in class at an accredited school. Those things include eating well on the days before your testing as well as getting plenty of sleep.

Other things that will let you get the sleep you need are arranging your travel to the testing site, making sure you have a backup plan, and those silly things like taking your picture ID, bringing your phone (just in case, and having some cash – think lunch later, Uber, or some other unknown!

As for those hours of training you put in, the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology expects those testing to have completed 1600 hours of Cosmetology training. Those wishing to get other specific licenses will need 750 hours for Hairstyling, 600 hours for Aesthetics, 600 hours for Nail Technology, and 350 hours for all Instructor training licenses.

The Arizona Cosmetics Aesthetics Testing Process

The Aesthetics testing consists of two parts, a written test with approximately 100 questions and a practical test to show off your skills. The written portion takes about an hour. As for the practical, time depends on how many students take the test with you. This can vary depending on how many students take the test with you. Plan for three hours.

The practical part takes longer because you are using your skills in front of the testing group. You’ll need to bring your State Board kit with everything needed. This can change from time to time, so check at the official Arizona State site to ensure you have what’s necessary.

The written part will test your overall knowledge of Aesthetics. No notes or books are allowed – and it is administered on a computer. Don’t worry; it goes fast if you know the subject fairly well.

Being prepared is essential, so keep in mind that schools like IMAj Institute offer Examination Preparation courses. At IMAj, their course is 32-hours of hands-on training for students who may have trained in another state, at another school, or who need to refresh before taking the state tests.

Of course, if you attend IMAj Institute they will spend the last two weeks before graduation helping you prepare for the state boards and you’ll be so ready!

What Arizona Requires to Test

Step one: You must apply for your examinations, so go to Virtual Inc. (PCS) and register (no fee). Then choose Arizona and continue your application. There is a $177 fee for both the written and practical portions. If your application is in order, you’ll receive authorization to test. The official admission notice for the practical part will be emailed to you about two weeks before your exam date.

Step two: Go to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology website and submit your application. You’ll need a 2×2 Passport photo, a certificate of graduation on your school’s letterhead, proof of lawful presence in the US, proof of age (16 years with HS diploma or 18 and older).

Once those are uploaded and accepted, you get to pay the non-refundable $60 fee. Afterward, the Board will notify Virtual Inc. (PCS), who will schedule your exams with you.


  • Use your full legal name as it appears on your state/government ID
  • Make sure you do both steps one and two, or you won’t get an exam date
  • You’ll get your admission to test (written) 2 business days after Board approval
  • You’ll get your admission time for the practical portion 2-5 days after approval
  • Practicals can’t be rescheduled. You’ll have to pay a new fee if you can’t attend

You’ll get your final scores and your license in about two weeks if everything goes well. When that happens, the world’s your oyster. Go be a success!