A little sugaring

My experience with sugaring as a spa treatment.

I’m old enough now to admit that I have a love affair with sugar. So, when I heard my aesthetician talking about sugaring, I thought it was a sugar rush treat, and I might get something yummy. No such luck. But, I did hear about something that’s been around since ancient Grecian times and it does involve sugar. That, and lemon and water to make a gooey, sticky mess that molds easily to your skin.

The good part of the story is that I got a treatment like waxing without the pain because sugaring doesn’t stick to the skin as wax does. And, it’s biodegradable, faster to finish treatment, and easier to clean because it’s water-soluble.

In a nutshell or your beautiful folds of skin, the sugaring removes hair by the root without damaging, so less irritation. Yes, I liked it partly because I hadn’t shaved recently.

Honestly, sugaring works best when you’ve got a little peach-fuzz, an eighth to a quart-inch of it for the sticky paste to grab ahold. And the warmed sugar-solution feels nice and comforting as it’s rolled in the opposite direction of hair growth. Then the aesthetician flicks the paste away in the direction of hair grown.

My sugaring lasted about two weeks before the hairs started coming back, but there’s a nice discount for a series of sessions, and I can stretch them out to about a month apart. The hairs also came back lighter and thinner after just my first treatment, so that was a nice bonus.

Where oh Where May I be Sugared?

Everywhere there’s hair, sugaring is fair. I started with my legs and moved on to a Brazilian, which my aesthetician said was the most popular service. That’s not what I was thinking of as sugar, but the results were fabulous.

My aesthetician was quick, so the sessions were fast, less than a half-hour. I haven’t needed other areas done, but eyebrows and upper lip look like quick fixes and don’t break the bank at about $10.

The only downside or restrictions will be if you are taking steroids or using retinol or vitamin C on your skin. If so, stick with the razor or waxing. As with that waxing, you’ll want to avoid sugaring if you have a sunburn, bruising, or any open sores.

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