Ten Great Eyelash Extension Tips

Eyelash extensions are an enhancement that can turn your pretty pair of peepers into the globes of a goddess. At least that’s what we want. The truth is that getting extensions is a very relaxing treatment that can have some profound results. And, you may find yourself hooked on the look.

But today we’re going to assume you’ve already had your eyelash extensions placed and you want to get as many winks out of them as possible.

There’s no reason you can’t get six to eight weeks out of a good extension treatment, but you might need a little monthly maintenance which can be found at many spas, or you can train to do eyelash extensions at some excellent Arizona schools.

Ideas to Follow

  1. Don’t let your fingers do the walking over your lashes! Your extension can’t take the beating or the transfer of natural oils and germs.
  2. Keep your eyes dry for 24 hours and make that a two-day wait before you shower vigorously, or hit the pool or sauna.
  3. If you have to brush your lashes, use an eye shadow brush or a mascara spoolie. Use upward motions, not side to side.
  4. Most Mascara contains oil and waxes, which can damage the hold of the glue used on your lashes, so if you must use something, use a water-based product and only apply to the tips.
  5. Be extra careful with your eyeliner to avoid touching your lashes.
  6. If you get a wild hair, don’t try to remedy the situation by using a lash curler.
  7. Avoid using cotton balls or pads to remove your eye makeup. Getting cotton fibers on your lashes is a disaster. Instead, use a cotton bud lightly soaked in a water-based remover.
  8. No tinting or perming of your lashes.
  9. Don’t every cut or try to remove the extension on your own.
  10. And finally, try to sleep on your back. There’s a right time to smash your face into your pillow, but it’s never the right time with extensions. That will only curl and distort them in ways you don’t want them to go. If you do get your lashes in a twist, use your blow-dryer (set at cool) for a few seconds to help them get back in shape.

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