Why Aestheticians Are Amazing at Improving Beauty

Aestheticians specialize in the outer layer of skin, or epidermis, and help patients look younger, healthier, and feel more confident about their appearance. They must be licensed by a state board and work for day-spas, medi-spas, salons, skincare clinics, and private practices.

Standard treatments performed by aestheticians include facials, microblading and microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ultrasonic and ultrasound treatments, and IPL and laser techniques.

Arizona Specific Requirements for Aestheticians

In Arizona, obtaining a license to work as an Aestheticians requires the licensee to be at least 16 years of age with a 10th grade education, or to be 18 years of age or older. Attendance at an accredited school is mandatory for a minimum of 600 hours.

For specific use of IPL and laser techniques, the state of Arizona requires 40 additional hours of didactic training with 24 hours of hands-on training, plus 24 hours of hands-on procedures on ten specific cosmetic procedures.

Other Training Elements

Additional training is necessary for microdermabrasion, cosmetic electrotherapy, LE treatments, and eyelash extensions. Learning these treatments give aestheticians a well-rounded education and make them more valuable to their employers.

They are able to treat more clients and produce return-customers happily treated by a skin-care professional that they have become comfortable with seeing regularly.

Most guests are looking for a friendly aesthetician who listens to their needs while offering excellent advice on the best treatments to enhance their appearance through a range of skills that can include treatment for hyperpigmentation, acne, and unwanted hair.

Certified Laser Technicians

For certified laser technicians, body sculpting is a skill desired by both employers and spa guests. One technique, described as “shrinking the skin to fit better,” uses the Artesian Sculptor Laser developed by Gary Begley at Imaj Institute. The revolutionary technology is well ahead of the curve.

Begley is also known for inventing the Tri-pulse Laser for tattoo reduction. This laser turns a previously year-long program into a short two-months in most cases and leaves virtually no scaring with shorter sessions and quick recovery time.

Laser use for permanent hair removal is a popular procedure at spas and salons across the US. It’s more expensive than short-term treatments like waxing and sugaring, but it ends the use of a razor and its chronic drudgery.

Aestheticians can have a profound effect on their client’s overall health, looks, and their essential well-being while making a quality living.

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